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Note: We will make a decision Thursday on whether or not to go forward with the tournament. We will make the decision based on all available information we have at the time.


We will do everything within reason to get all games in, but in case of inclement weather, the following will apply:


One game played will result in 50% refund of the entry fee and no refund of the gate fee.


Two games played constitutes NO REFUND.

The tournament director will prorate any refunds while taking into consideration tournament expenses. Refunds are not guaranteed, but all circumstances will be taken into consideration. 


In the case of inclement weather, the tournament director reserves the right to adjust game schedule, length of games, etc., in an attempt to get games in. 


Showcase Pool Game and General Tournament Rules

1. Showcase games will be 80 minutes "finish the batter". A game can not end in a walk (to prevent a walk to run out the clock and preserve a win). 

2. TriState format 3 pool games. 3 games Saturday and single elimination Sunday. 

3. Provide 1 game ball at your first pool game. If a player hits a home run and wants to keep the ball. Teams will be responsible to throw a NEW ball into the game. The ball must meet USSSA regulations.

4. Run rules apply. 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5 innings.

5. Bats must have USSSA stamp / thumbprint.

6. Free defensive substitutions in showcase. This means a player does not have to be in the batting lineup to be playing a defensive position.

7. Pitching Rule- Step back is allowed just like high school.

8. Between innings- pitchers will have 1 minute or 5 pitches. We want to get as many innings in during showcase games.

9. Teams will hand in a line up for all games. You may bat a minimum of 9 batters or your entire roster in showcase games. You must maintain the integrity of your line up in showcase games. You must report all offensive substitutions.

10. Showcase games can end in a tie. 

11. Showcase Games- Courtesy runner for pitcher/catcher only. Your choice, but an out will be recorded if they are on base when their position in the batting order comes up.

12. TriState is a USSSA sanctioned tournament.

13. Dugouts will be predetermined throughout the event. If you are listed on the left side of the showcase schedule you will occupy the first base dugout. If you are on the right side, you will occupy the third base dugout. 

14. Showcase games - Home team will be determined by a coin flip.

15. Visiting team will provide ONE ADULT to work the scoreboard.

16. Pick up player policy is as follows: In showcase play, it is permissible to pick up a player from another team if you do not have enough to play. This player should wear the uniform representing the team she is playing with and whose roster she is listed on in the team required player profile. This is a College Exposure event so we want all players to be properly identified. No older than your participating age group.

17. Tournament- $10.00 a day. Coolers will be allowed in the park.

18. Please be advised that coaches are responsible for the deportment of your fans. Judgement calls on the field are final and there will be no protests. It is important to remember sportsmanship. This is a College Exposure Tournament.

19. If a coach is ejected from a game, it is the Tournament Director's discretion as to whether they sit out the next game or be ejected for the remainder of the event. Also, the UIC and director holds the right to remove any coach, fan or player that is deemed unruly and hindering tournament progression.

Tournament Play Rules

20. Free defensive substitution. You can bat 9 or your entire line up.

21. Games will be 80 minutes finish the inning.

22. Courtesy runner for pitcher and catcher only. Courtesy runner must be a sub if you have one or last batted out.

23. Run rules apply: 12 after 3, 10 after 4 and 8 after 5 innings.

24. Games must end with a winner. ITB rules begin the next inning after time expires.

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